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Halloween Havoc Guidelines

Amarillo Soccer Association

Guidelines for Covid-19 at the Halloween Havoc


  1. No Parent allowed to participate if they are ill or running fever.
  2. Tents must be 6 feet apart from the next tent.
  3. Tents only allowed in the tent area.
  4. All spectators older than 10 years of age are required to wear a mask unless 6 feet apart.



  1. Limit of 3 spectators per player, this includes siblings.
  2. Spectators can set up chairs with a 6-foot distance between other spectators and the playing fields. 
  3. Facial coverings are required at this time.
  4. When a team is leaving the coaches will be asked to take all trash and throw it away.
  5. Take all team chairs with them and disinfect them after every game.
  6. We will be having a security officer to help maintain social distancing
  7. We will have signs posted of where our hand washing stations will be and to maintain social distancing.
  8. If you are caught not social distancing or wearing your mask properly, we have the right to make you leave the premises.



  1. Home team will start with the ball no captain meetings
  2. All players must have their equipment labeled with name.  Along with water bottles.  No sharing of equipment or water.
  3. Equipment bags are to be placed to the side of the players
  4. Players are to be reminded to keep hands away from face.
  5. Players coming from the bathroom are recommended to use hand sanitizer before returning to the game.
  6. No hand shaking, high fives, hugs etc.. before or after games.
  7. No physical contact (hugs, hand shaking, high fives)
  8. Provide coaching instruction following proper Social Distancing guidelines. Avoid “huddling up” of players.
  9. No player allowed to participate if they are ill or running fever.


Halloween Havoc Page

Registration Link, Roster, Rules, And COVID Guidelines here.


Amarillo Soccer Association Game Day

COVID-19 Guidance

Everything outlined below is strongly encouraged. These safety procedures are recommended by the State of Texas and the Amarillo Health Authority. Help us keep everyone safe while we enjoy watching our kids play soccer.

  1. If you are sick (player, parents, family) stay home. It is not worth getting others sick. Let’s be safe.
  2. If you are not able to social distance (minimum 6 feet) between family groups (single household), please wear a mask.
  3. We encourage that each family limit the number of spectators who come to the game. We all want our whole family to be at each game, but it will help with social distancing if there are fewer people in the sideline.
  4. We will be having teams on opposite sides of the field and we expect spectators to do the same. We will also have teams and parents on separate halves of the field. Coaches please make sure this happens.
  5. We strongly discourage handshakes, high fives, and post-game tunnels. Have your team celebrate without contact with the other team. Coaches, remember that parents will want to do a tunnel after the game, remind them that we aren’t doing that anymore.
  6. Once the game is complete, leave the field area while maintaining social distancing.

We can only keep all players and spectators safe with your cooperation. We also don’t want to give the city a reason to shut down the season because we are being unsafe. Thank you.



Field Map

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